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All properties with lawn irrigation systems and all commercial and industrial buildings require backflow devices per plumbing code. The lack of a properly working device at your property could impact the health of your family or neighbors by contaminating the water supply with chemicals from your lawn.

Some Water Departments test your backflow once a year. Failed backflows must be repaired and the water department can turn your water off to protect the city’s water supply.

Our Licensed Team can test and or make any repairs and get your system up and running

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Click the link for Watts/Febco Documentation on

Winterizing and Freezing of Backflows

Febco 765 Freezing Doc

Febco_850_Freezing Doc

Febco 825Y Freezing Doc


Garbage Disposal Replacement

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With an InSinkErator® food waste disposer in your kitchen, chicken bones, fruit rinds, coffee grounds and more can go right in the sink — where they’re virtually liquefied to safely flow into your sewage system. You’ll enjoy a cleaner food preparation area, and less bagged garbage cluttering your home.


Not Recommended for Septic Systems

 Disposal badger 5

Badger 5 Replacement Installed Price: $275.00*

(Replacement of existing disposal on sink, price includes all parts, labor & listed disposal)


New Disposal Installed Price: $400.00* + Listed Disposal

If you never had a disposal on your sink. This installation price includes new drain pipes & connections to existing sink to accommodate disposal installation

Electrical outlet & switch are additional by others


Checkout these Great Replacement Disposal Deals


ISE Evolution Pro Cover 3/4 HP (PRO 17)…………..$310*

ISE Evolution Pro Compact 3/4 HP (PRO 333)……$240*

ISE Evolution Pro Essential 3/4 HP (PRO SS)…….$277*

ISE Evolution Pro Excel 1 HP (PRO 77)………………$430*

* Electrical outlets are required with some models and must be provided by others

Well Tank Replacement

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Well Tank Explosion

Don’t Let Your Old Well Tank Ruin Your Basement 

Replace It Now!

 Before Water Damage Happens To You

Prices starting at 

Amtrol WX-201 Well -X-Troll pressure tank 14 gallon – $1,000*

Amtrol WX-202 Well -X-Troll pressure tank 20 gallon – $1,000*

Amtrol WX-203 Well -X-Troll pressure tank 30 gallon – $1,150*

Amtrol WX-250 Well -X-Troll pressure tank 44 gallon – $1,250*

Amtrol WX-350 Well -X-Troll pressure tank 119 gallon – $1,900*

Well X Trol


Call today for your free estimate – visit our web site for details

Permit are additional if required – Standard Installation – Additional parts may be required – Cannot be combined with other offers or specials – *Each home or business is different and may require additional work. Price may vary.

Power Vented Natural or LP Gas Water Heater Replacement

Power Vented Natural or LP Gas Water Heater Water Heater Special

State Select ® Power Vent 40 Gallon Water Heater

Replacement Natural or LP Gas State Select Power Vent 40 Gallon Water Heater

Installed Replacement starting at $2,250.00* 


State Select ® Power Vent 50 Gallon Water Heater Installed – $2,450.00*

State Select ® Power Vent 75 Gallon Water Heater Installed – $2,750.00*


  • Tanks from 40-75 gallons with recovery rates of 41-72 gallons per hour and BTU inputs of 40,000-70,000
  • Quiet modular blower
  • Long-lasting polymer dip tube with diffuser design to protect against lime and sediment buildup
  • Standard Intelli-Vent gas control with silicon nitride hot surface igniter to ensure optimum performance
  • 6-year tank and parts warranty

Permit & mixing valve are additional if required – Standard Installation – additional parts may be required  – Cannot be combined with other offers or specials – New installations are additional due to venting requirements – Electrical not included. 110V outlet must be within 5′ of unit.  Reconnect to existing PVC venting included – removal of old water heater included.

*Water Heater Pan and/or Auto Shutoff are additional per IPC code 504.7 Required pan. Where water heaters or hot water storage tanks are installed in locations where leakage of the tanks or connections will cause damage. 

Mixing Valve Parts & Installation at time of service

Honeywell Thermostatic Mixing Valve Model # AM101C- 3/4″ – $225.00
Honeywell AMX300TLF 8″ LF W/H CONN MIXING VALVE KIT 3/4″ – $255.00

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Install a HIGH-EFFICIENCY Gas On Demand Water Heater

State 340H & 540H Series On Demand Water Heater

The 340H series offers high efficiency Ultra-Low NOx condensing technology allowing for the use of 3″ PVC venting and has 0″ clearance to combustibles.

Utilizes HRS35 copper alloy for the heat exchanger tubing.

Remote control included as a standard feature.

Warranty Information** Residential Use:

15 years limited heat exchanger, 5 years limited parts

**Refer to for further warranty details

State 340H Complete Installed Price Starting @ Only $3,150.00*

State 540H Complete Installed Price Starting @ Only $3,650.00*

This unit qualifies for NH & MA Energy Rebates

Installation includes the following:

  • Wall mount on plywood frame
  • To be side wall vented up to 10′.
  • Gas pipe modification up to 10′
  • Move water pipes to feed new heater location
  • Condensate Pump included
  • Removal and disposal of old water heater
  • Standard Installation

120v double outlet is required within 4′ of unit for power.

***Electrical is not included, New gas lines not included

Permit is additional if required. – Standard Installation as described. Additional parts may be required.

Cannot be combined with other offers or specials – While supplies last at this price.

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AC System Tune-Up Unbeatable Cleaning Special $179.00 complete!

AC CentralAC System Tune-Up Unbeatable Cleaning Special

$179.00 complete!*


Service available for all central AC units —Residential units only

Note: Additional parts may be required in addition to the cleaning and are not included

Call for details NH (603) 897-9606 | MA (978) 548-2000
* Cannot be combined with other offers or specials

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Install a New Kohler Kitchen Faucet $375.00 Complete!*

kohler faucetInstall a New Kohler Kitchen Faucet

$375.00 Complete!*

Kohler K-10433 Forte’ chrome single control pullout kitchen sink faucet with color matched spray head and lever handle.

Product List Price $265.00

Installation of a customer supplied Faucet


*Repairs of plumbing and any necessary permits are additional costs.

*While supplies last


Flat Rate Drain Cleaning Specials

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Drain Cleaning Specials*
Inside main out to street or septic up to 75 feet
  • Garbage Disposal ———————$200
  • Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning ——–$175
  • Laundry Drain Cleaning ————-$175
  • Lavatory Drain Cleaning ————-$175
  • Bath Tub Drain Cleaning ————$175
  • Toilet Auger (unclog toilet only) —-$175
  • Lift Toilet & Clean Sewer ————$350
  • Main Sewer Cleaning —————-$450 Includes 1st hour & Dispatch Fee + $135 each additional hour 

Cleanup Materials (plastic, barrels etc…) are additional


*All prices, dates and offers are subject to change. Prices listed are for standard service. Additional feels may be applied if additional time and work is involved.