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Install a Power Vented Natural or LP Gas Water Heater Replacement

Power Vented Natural or LP Gas Water Heater Water Heater Special

State Select ® Power Vent 40 Gallon Water Heater

Replacement Natural or LP Gas State Select Power Vent 40 Gallon Water Heater

Installed Replacement starting at:

$2,350.00* Natural Gas

$2,350.00* Propane Gas


State Select ® Power Vent 50 Gallon Water Heater Installed – $2,600.00*

State Select ® Power Vent 75 Gallon Water Heater Installed – $3,100.00*


  • Tanks from 40-75 gallons with recovery rates of 41-72 gallons per hour and BTU inputs of 40,000-70,000
  • Quiet modular blower
  • Long-lasting polymer dip tube with diffuser design to protect against lime and sediment buildup
  • Standard Intelli-Vent gas control with silicon nitride hot surface igniter to ensure optimum performance
  • 6-year tank and parts warranty

Installation Includes the following:

Make all connections to existing water, Venting & gas lines

Include AMX300TLF/U 3/4″ Lead Free Direct Connect Mixing Valve Kit With 8″ Flex Connector

Water Heater Disposal Included

Finish basement requires pan with auto shutoff not included in this price

New Venting NOT Included

Permit fee additional if required

*Standard Installation – additional parts may be required  – Cannot be combined with other offers or specials – New installations are additional due to venting requirements – Electrical not included. 110V outlet must be within 5′ of unit.  Reconnect to existing PVC venting included – removal of old water heater included.

*Water Heater Pan and/or Auto Shutoff are additional per IPC code 504.7 Required pan. Where water heaters or hot water storage tanks are installed in locations where leakage of the tanks or connections will cause damage. 

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