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All properties with lawn irrigation systems and all commercial and This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 009-backflow-2-768x1024.jpgindustrial buildings require backflow devices per plumbing code.
The lack of a properly working device at your property could impact the health of your family or neighbors by contaminating the water supply with chemicals from your lawn.


Some Water Departments test your backflow once a year.
Failed backflows must be repaired.
Water department have the right to turn your water off to protect the city’s water supply.

Our Licensed Team can test and or make any repairs and get your system up and running

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Click the link for Watts/Febco Documentation on

Winterizing and Freezing of Backflows

Febco 765 Freezing Doc                                             Febco_850_Freezing Doc

Febco 825Y Freezing Doc                                          Wilkins 375 Freezing Doc

Add a Deduct Meter and Cut Down on your Waste Water Sewerage Bills

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OUTSIDE WATERING - Install a Deduct Meter 

& Start Saving on your Sewer Bill

Lawn Irrigation & Outside Hose Bibs

Call Today - Most Cities & Towns 

Starting @ $600.00*

Manchester NH New Rate as of 4/1/2020 starting at

 $1250.00* for 5/8 Meter Installed

Meters are purchased through the Manchester Water Department.

2022 Cost increase to $525 for meter*


*Prices subject to change – Application may be different & require additional work – Check with your local water & sewer department for updated rates

Why Pay waste Water Charges for:deduct meter

Watering Your Lawn
Washing Your Car
Filtering Your Pool
Cleaning Your Yard Furniture
Any Outdoor water Use

Complete Installation Includes:

  • Water Meter
  • All Pipe & Fittings
  • Installation by a Licensed Plumber
  • City/Town Plumbing Permit (if applicable)
  • Approval from Local Water Department
  • Up front pricing with no hidden costs

CALL TODAY! Adding a water meter to your new or existing lawn sprinkler system can save you money on your watering/sewer bills.

Use the formula & Examples below to see if a Deduct Meter for your outside watering would benefit you.

Manchester NH Sewer Rate
$3.73 per 100 cubic feet of water

1 cubic foot = 7.4805 gallons

100 cubic feet of water = 748 gallons

$3.73 per 748 gallons or $.005 per gallon

5-6 heads per zone = 5 GPM Average

Formula: 5 GPM x minutes x the number of zones x 30 days = Gallons per month / 784 = ?

? X $3.73 = sewer cost per month

Example #1
per month
  • 6 Zones Watering
  • 30 minutes each zone
  • 5 GPM x 30 minutes = 150 gallons
  • 150 gallons x 6 zones = 900 gallons per day
  • 900 gallons x 30 days = 27,000 gallons per month
  • 27,000 / 784 = 36.10
  • 36.10 x $3.73 = $134.65
  • Cost per month $134.65