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Drain Cleaning Specials

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Drain Cleaning Specials*
Inside main out to street or septic up to 75 feet

Minimum charges for common drain clearing

  • Garbage Disposal ———————$200
  • Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning ——–$175
  • Laundry Drain Cleaning ————-$175
  • Lavatory Drain Cleaning ————-$175
  • Bath Tub Drain Cleaning ————$175
  • Toilet Auger (unclog toilet only) —-$175
  • Lift Toilet & Clean Sewer ————$350
  • Main Sewer Cleaning —————-$450

    Includes 1st hour & Dispatch Fee + $145 each additional hour 

Cleanup Materials (plastic, barrels etc…) are additional

*All prices, dates and offers are subject to change. Prices listed are for standard service. Additional feels may be applied if additional time and work is involved.

Is your toilet running and driving you nuts? Toilet Rebuild

Is your toilet running & driving you nuts?
Rebuild It

$165.00 Complete!

(replace flapper & fill valve)

Don’t let your toilet run up your water bill

Standard toilets – Specialty toilets are additional – includes parts and labor

* Repairs of plumbing not included.

* Permits not included if required.