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Drain Cleaning Specials*
Inside main out to street or septic up to 75 feet

Minimum charges for common drain clearing

  • Garbage DisposalĀ ———————$200
  • Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning ——–$175
  • Laundry Drain Cleaning ————-$175
  • Lavatory Drain Cleaning ————-$175
  • Bath Tub Drain Cleaning ————$175
  • Toilet Auger (unclog toilet only) —-$175
  • Lift Toilet & Clean Sewer ————$350
  • Main Sewer Cleaning —————-$450

    Includes 1st hour & Dispatch Fee + $145 each additional hourĀ 

Cleanup Materials (plastic, barrels etc…) are additional

*All prices, dates and offers are subject to change. Prices listed are for standard service. Additional feels may be applied if additional time and work is involved.